Welcome to Huron Valley Ducks Unlimited

"Working to Preserve our Wetlands"

Huron Valley Ducks Unlimited is a local DU chapter consisting of volunteers in the Brighton-Howell area of Livingston County.  Our volunteer members are actively involved in raising funds to assist fulfilling the Mission of Ducks Unlimited since the year 2000.  Huron Valley has been recognized by DU as one of the Top Ten chapters in Michigan for every year in the past 5 years.  Our fund raising activities include:

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Ducks Unlimited was started in 1937 during the Dust Bowl when North America's drought plagued waterfowl populations that plunged to unprecedented lows.  Thanks to decades of working toward habitat conservation, Ducks Unlimited is now the world's largest and most effective private, nonprofit, waterfowl and wetlands conservation organization.  As of January 1, 2015, DU had almost 605,000 adult and 47,000 youth members.  Waterfowl are not the only beneficiaries of DU's habitat work.  Wetlands improve the overall health of our environment by recharging and purifying groundwater, moderating floods and reducing soil erosion.  Wetlands are North America's most productive ecosystems, providing critical habitat to more than 900 species of wildlife species and invaluable recreation activities for people to enjoy.  The Ducks Unlimited Mission is "To conserve, restore and manage wetlands and associated habitats for North America's waterfowl.  These habitats also benefit other wildlife and people."  Over 83% of funds raised by DU are used to fulfill that mission.  Every $250 of funds raised preserves an acre of wetlands! 

‚Äč     Your Ducks Unlimited dollars are being invested in Michigan

Through December 2013, $34,192,011 of DU funds have been used for wetlands restoration in Michigan.  A total of 1,556 projects have been completed in 78 Michigan counties.  A total of 72,655 acres have been restored, enhanced or protected.  In addition, DU has provided technical assistance to landowners on 121,686 acres in 66 Michigan counties.

        You can make a difference---Volunteer, Sponsor, Donate!

Volunteer:  Join the team, become a member of Huron Valley Ducks Unlimited.  Whether it's helping plan the annual banquet, working at an event, selling raffle tickets at a show, securing sponsorships or serving as a sponsor at the banquet, DU volunteers make it possible.  It's a way to have fun, meet new people and support DU's critical waterfowl conservation work.  Simply contact us at info@hvducks.org or call one of us listed on the contact page.

Sponsor:  Sponsors play a critical role for our annual banquet.  A variety of corporate and individual sponsor packages are available for our banquet that include dinner tickets, raffle tickets, framed sponsor duck prints or hunting gear and annual DU memberships.  Sponsors make our banquets fun, exciting and more importantly, successful!  Consider a sponsorship or organize a table of friends and attend March 24, 2018.  See our banquet page for full information.

DonateOur donors provide items for our live and silent auctions, prizes for our game tables and overall support for our banquet and raffles.  Consider donating merchandise, services, hunting or fishing trips, gift baskets or gift cards and join our list of valuable and loyal donors.  It's easy to donate, contact us at info@hvducks.org or call one of us listed on our contact page.